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Re: speed up haskell transition


Am Dienstag, den 29.04.2014, 16:36 +0200 schrieb Sven Bartscher:
> I would like to help the haskell-team more actively and I'm wondering
> how I can help most.
> I would like to speed up the haskell-transition but don't really know
> what holds it up most. Is there a good way to tell what's wrong with the
> packages that are listed on the transition page and what needs to be
> done to fix it?

I’d also like to have a one-stop, definite, false-positive free of
blockers, but unfortunately that does not exist.

Everything mentioned complained about by
is a blocken. Currently that includes removals by the FTP-Team (unless
you are on the team there is not much you can do besides occasional
nagging) and representable-tries, where upstream seems to be unable to
come up with a quick solution:

So one useful thing to do would be to try to patch representable-tries
to build again.

Another useful resource is
where you can check for unexpected build failures on other
architectures. But a single issue (like the haskell-tls-on-sparc issue)
can cause many crosses there, so it takes time to actually find the
cause of some issues.

Finally, the list of RC-critical bugs
is a good place to look at for useful work. #746083 for example is new
and seems reasonably simple to fix.


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