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Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] ghc-cabal: Cabal.cabal: 42: user error (stray 'else' with no preceding 'if')

Joachim Breitner dixit:

>if you have a working ghc-7.0.4, then upgrading release by release to
>the latest version is sensible; I once did that for s390x (but it’s been
>quite a while).

OK. I suspect that m68k support got accidentally broken post-7.0
though, as there was nobody able to use it for a long time.

>though is very strange, and I don’t really see how that could happen as
>long as you build ghc-7.0.4 with ghc-7.0.4 (i.e. no differing versions
>involved), or how it would be related to ffi.

Hm, weird. The only change I did was to “dch --bin-nmu”.

>Random memory corruptions are unlikely, are they?

Correct, this is a VM.

>Did you check if Cabal.cabal really has a stray 'else'?

No idea, but I’ve attached the file. To a person not speaking
Haskell it looks okay-ish.

I still have the chroot and can run commands.

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