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Re: Bug#743191: Jenkings job for DHG’s all-packages

control: tags -1 + pending

Hi Joachim,

a related question: shall I send the irc notifications about the chroot-
installation-*haskel* jobs to #debian-haskell? I've disabled them for #debian-
qa already...

On Sonntag, 13. April 2014, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> I had a quick look at the existing jobs, but did not find my way around.
> But with your guidance below, I’ll try again.

you might want to join #debian-qa and ask me there for faster roundtrip 
> I started with the former, but stumbled over "gitrepo" – we have stuff
> in darcs. Is the Jenkings Darcs plugin installed?

not yet, but let me do this now. oh wait, that won't be enough, I would also 
need to patch jenkins-job-builder to support darcs jobs... 
> If not: We plan to switch to git in the near future; maybe I’ll wait
> until after that.

...however given you plan to switch to git anyway: when do you plan to switch 
to git? How near is the future? ;-)

> For now I tried to simply add the VCS commands in the my_shell
> parameter, I hope that works.

yeah, this will work, you will just loose "fancy" features like triggering on 

> So my attempt to add a job is at
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=users/nomeata/jenkins.debian.net.git;a=
> shortlog;h=refs/heads/DHG but this is really stabbing in the dark: I don’t
> know Jenkins, nor could I test this, and I’m confused by the many layers
> of abstraction there (defaults, job-templates, projects with jobs, some
> string
> substitutions).

your commit looks good (except for the scm based trigger which wont work), 
i've picked and pushed it and will trigger a first run in a moment.

> > >  * Run "cabal update"
> > what its this update used for?
> Fetching metadata from hackage (the upstream package repository).

> > darcs plugin for jenkins and then your job could checkout that darcs repo
> > like the other jobs checkout their git repo?
> Possibly; I don’t know the difference between a plugin and simply
> issuing "darcs get" (the equivalent to "git clone") in the shell
> command.

see above, including why I'd prefer to wait for you switching to git... but if 
that will take 3 months or so, I might add support to darcs to jenkins-job-
> > the job will fail automatically if the exit code aint 0. You can also use
> > logparser rules (see ./logparser in the jenkins.d.n git repo) to make 
> I’ll look into that. thanks.

ok, cool!


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