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x509 test suite failures


Haskell in Debian is broken, and one of the reasons is that haskell-x509
FTBFS, at least sometimes or on some arches:

debian/hlibrary.setup test --builddir=dist-ghc
Running 1 test suites...
Test suite test-x509: RUNNING...
  pubkey: [OK, passed 100 tests]
  signature alg: [OK, passed 100 tests]
    key-usage: [Failed]
*** Failed! Exception: 'expected ExtKeyUsage [KeyUsage_dataEncipherment] got: ExtKeyUsage [KeyUsage_keyAgreement]' (after 1 test): 
ExtKeyUsage [KeyUsage_dataEncipherment]
(used seed -595394776155290473)
    extended-key-usage: [OK, passed 100 tests]
  extensions: [OK, passed 100 tests]
  certificate: [OK, passed 100 tests]
  crl: [OK, passed 100 tests]

         Properties  Total      
 Passed  6           6          
 Failed  1           1          
 Total   7           7          
Test suite test-x509: FAIL
Test suite logged to: dist-ghc/test/x509-1.4.10-test-x509.log
0 of 1 test suites (0 of 1 test cases) passed.
make: *** [check-ghc-stamp] Error 1

Any ideas anyone?

(I’m going to schedule rebuilds to see if it is reproducible)


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
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