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Re: Advice needed: uploading hledger to wheezy-backports?


Am Dienstag, den 11.02.2014, 17:35 +0100 schrieb intrigeri:
> So, in the *current* state of things, once all this has migrated to
> testing, it seems to me that I could easily:
>   - upload the 6 aforementioned backported packages to
>     wheezy-backports
>   - "binNMU" haskell-diagrams-cairo in wheezy-backports, once
>     haskell-cmdargs is in there

is it actually possible to binNMU in wheezy-backports?

> On the short term, this seems quite manageable.
> However, the list of packages from the build-dependency tree that need
> backporting grew a bit with hledger 0.22.1, and I'm afraid it could
> easily come to a point when I would have to backport or "binNMU"
> (rebuild against the Haskell stack in wheezy-backport) dozens of
> Haskell libraries in wheezy-backports, just to avoid creating
> co-installability issues for Haskell libraries that are shipped
> in Wheezy.


> All in all, I must say this sounds a bit scary, and I am very tempted
> to keep this backport private, and avoid taking a responsibility whose
> scope can grow in hard (for me) to predict ways.
> Thoughts, suggestions? Anyone interested in maintaining this set of
> packages in the official wheezy-backports?

Sorry, there is no easy way out of this. If binNMUs in wheezy-backports
are possible then it might be handleable (after all, it’s simply running
a script that generates "wb nmu" lines). Otherwise, a private backport
might be easier.


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