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Re: Bug#737637: ITP: haskell-pipes -- Compositional pipelines

On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 1:35 PM, Gabriel Gonzalez <gabriel439@gmail.com> wrote:
`pipes-zlib` can be fixed with a simple patch on the upper bound. This has already been fixed in the `master` branch of `pipes-zlib` [0].  I don't know when Renzo plans to upload the latest `pipes-zlib` to Hackage but I've copied him on this.

Clint, Gabriel, All,

Thanks for reporting this to me. I've pushed `pipes-zlib-0.3.1` to hackage with the new upper bound.

The reason I hadn't published this until now is that I wanted to fix this issue in the new release, but I guess it'll have to wait a couple of hours more:



Renzo Carbonara.

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