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Re: Bug#736808: nmu: github-backup_1.20131203


Am Montag, den 27.01.2014, 00:27 +0100 schrieb Julien Cristau:
> I can read britney output just fine, I just don't touch haskell stuff
> as far as binNMUs because everything seems to be uninstallable all the
> time and I don't know if you or anybody else is keeping track of your
> packages and of getting them in to testing.

that’s a misconception. Usually, everything is installable (and I keep
tabs on that), and we have tools in place that make it likely that this
does not change for more than a few days:
 * a tool that predicts breakage before an upload, based on package
 * a jenkins jobs that tests Haskell packages on amd64¹, and lastly
 * the script that schedules the binNMUs.

So if things are uninstallable for longer than it takes for the buildds
to catch up, then someone screwed up. This is what happened in, I think
last October big time, but that has been resolved since.

So all is not bad, and if in doubt, just drop us a mail. We certainly do
care about installability and testing migration, to the extend we can
take care. Unfortunately, there are still things that an ordinary
maintainer is not allowed to do (such as removing binaries from
architectures not keeping up), and all we can do here is sit and wait.


¹ http://jenkins.debian.net/job/chroot-installation_sid_install_haskell/

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