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Re: Yesod on Debian testing - is this a bug?

[Cc:ing debian-haskell]

On Wed, Oct 09, 2013 at 12:02:28PM -0400, Sajith Sasidharan wrote:
> I am having trouble building the most simple Yesod application on
> debian testing (steps are as given in the tutorial[1]: "yesod init; cd
> yesog; cabal-dev install, yesod --dev devel"), but the same steps
> works on stable.  I am not sure how to go about collecting more data
> to report this problem, and I am also not sure what is the right place
> to report: problem may be with some cabal package as well.
> I was wondering if you have seen these, and if you can advise me on
> where to file a bug report, if it is a bug. (The Debian BTS?  Some
> cabal package?  Perhaps I need to take this up in a mailing list?)

The Debian packages are meant to work consistently with each other,
so I would not install anything at all with cabal-dev (in fact I've
never used cabal-dev or virthualenv myself).  The libraries listed
in Recommends (and possibly Suggests) of the yesod package should
be all you need to build the output of `yesod init`.  If this is not
the case, please do indeed file a bug on yesod in the Debian BTS.

With only Debian packages installed you should be able to

yesod init
cd $dirname
yesod devel

We should definitely patch yesod to not suggest running
cabal{,-dev} install, though I don't have time for this

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