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Re: Where's haskell-hgl?

On Tue, 2013-08-20 at 18:18 -0430, Ernesto Hernández-Novich wrote:
> Hi group.
> I couldn't find haskell-hgl in the projects' DARCS repository.
> It's named haskell-hgl, building libghc6-hgl-{dev|doc|prof} on Squeeze,
> but seems to me it didn't make it into Wheezy.
> I'd like to bring it back to life. Shall I start from scratch?

I took haskell-hgl from Squeeze ( and refreshed the packaging a
bit to make it at least current for Wheezy. I added some Quilt patches
to transition to the new Control.Exception try/catch and replaced the
use of Control.Concurrent.Chan with Control.Concurrent.STM.

It builds cleanly in a *Wheezy* and *Sid* chroots. And everything I've
written on top of HGL works as expected.

Patches have already been forwarded upstream.

Shall I create a new repo and push? Is the old package going to revive
and I push on top? Please advise on how to proceed.
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