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yesod-bin packaging; mueval description

Hi Clint,

as I said before I’d rather avoid the yesod/yesod-bin binary package
duplication, so I moved the package name over. While doing so I noticed
a few things:
 * Your yesod-bin package did not recommend all the libraries that user
would want to have installed for the scaffolding to work (as it did with
yesod). Was that intentional?
 * You disabled the autopkgtest test in haskell-yesod, but without an
explanation or changelog entry. What was the reason for that?

Also I noticed that your mueval package description is broken. In case
you did not know that tool before: I recommend to always have a quick
look over the output of "debc", which includes the final package meta
data. sbuilder also displays that data.

Currently haskell-devscripts does not generate any description blurbs
for packages besides libghc-*-{dev,prof,doc}, so the description will
have to be copied for mueval (or rewritten, I can imagine that people
interested in a library want to know different things than people who
want to run mueval).


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