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Re: Re: Let’s enter experimental


Am Dienstag, den 16.10.2012, 13:33 +1300 schrieb Michael Cree:
>    HC [stage 2] utils/haddock/dist/build/Haddock/GhcUtils.o
> utils/haddock/src/Haddock/GhcUtils.hs:1:35:
>      lexical error at character '\n'
> make[2]: *** [utils/haddock/dist/build/Haddock/GhcUtils.o] Error 1
> Full log is at:
> http://buildd.debian-ports.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=ghc&arch=alpha&ver=7.6.1-2&stamp=1349784016

That is certainly strange. The file in question is just fine and builds
ok on all other arches. The thing to note seems to be that this is the
first file built by the stage 2 compiler. I assume this means that it is

You can report a bug at upstream: 
but they tend to care not a whole lot about odd architectures.
Nevertheless maybe someone has seen the error before and can easily tell
what’s wrong.

> I also see a lot of haskell packages coming through into the  
> experimental distribution and on Alpha some have been built with ghc  
> 7.4.1-4 from unstable.  Would it be better if I did not upload the  
> built packages and left them sitting in the "built" state until we get  
> a working ghc in experimental so that they can built with ghc 7.6 and  
> I don't end up having to spend lots of time scheduling binNMUs?

Sorry that was a mistake by me: For some of them my dependency adjusting
regex failed, and they built against 7.4.1 by accident (and by
aptitude’s preference of unstable over experimental). Yesterday I have
hopefull re-uploaded all affected packages.


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