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Re: [Pkg-haskell-commits] darcs: ghc: ghc-doc package includes /usr/lib/ghc-doc/hoogle/*.txt files.

Hi Joachim,

On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 8:03 PM, Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> wrote:
>  * haddock remains unmodified.
>  * The package scripts in haskell-devscripts and ghc6 do not _copy_
> the .txt file to /usr/lib/ghc-doc/hoogle/, but create a symlink.
>  * the hoogle trigger acts on /usr/lib/ghc-doc/hoogle and calls hoogle
> convert on these files. But, as they are symlinks, the trigger knows
> their original location in /usr/share/doc/*/html, so it knows the
> correct path. This is passed to hoogle convert (which we need to patch),
> yielding the same effect as a @url line, without modifying any files.
> We need to ensure that the .txt files are not compressed, but we can
> easily do that by passing -Xtxt to dh_compress.

It's more simple and following haddock's convention.

I think that haskell-devscripts package is ready for this policy.
I will revert ghc package, and try to create patch for hoogle.

Kiwamu Okabe

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