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Let’s enter experimental


it really is a shame that we cannot do proper Haskell development during
a freeze. This cannot be. We need to do something. Here is what we can

We completely move all Haskell development to experimental. To avoid the
buildd-prefering-unstable-problem, this means that every haskell
packages needs a build-dependency that has a version constraint that is
only satisfiable in experimental. Currently, the best candidate is ghc –
we’d put ghc-7.6.1 in experimental and upload all libraries to
experimental with a build dependency on ghc-7.6.1. That ought to be
sufficient to ensure that our packages are built against libraries from

The ftp-team has hinted¹ that in the near future, it will be possible to
move packages from experimental to unstable. This is great: This means
that during the period after upgrading ghc when not all packages have
been fixed and built on all arches, unstable still provides a working
Haskell experience. Ideally, we can then always migrate a complete set
of Haskell packages to unstable that are, after aging, directly eligible
to enter testing. I am sure the release team will love not having
hundreds of Haskell packages showing up in the britney output any more.

What do you think of that approach?


¹ https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2012/09/msg00008.html
  last paragraph
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