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Re: haskell transition: Remove, Transition, Upload Fix or Upload Fix, Wait, Transition?

Hi Mehdi,

Am Freitag, den 08.06.2012, 14:13 +0200 schrieb Mehdi Dogguy:
> On 08/06/12 14:01, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> >> If they are
> >> really fixed in sid, I think we can age them to let haskell stack migrate.
> >
> > Ok, if there is no rush before the freeze we can do that. I’ll see if
> > the package in experimental really fixes the problem and then upload to
> > unstable.
> >
> Please tell us when/if it is confirmed.

semi-good news only: My fix to the endianness problem in the AES code
worked, including on powerpc, but there is another failing test case on
powerpc that does _not_ seem to be tied to endiannes, as it does not
fail on s390/s390x:

I don’t have a fix for the powerpc issue. Unless some fix comes up it
seems we’d have to remove stuff on powerpc. Should I upload this version
to unstable neverthesse, to at least improve the situation on 390, s390x
and (likely, buildds did not build yet) mips and sparc.


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