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Re: pandoc and highlighting-kate


Am Montag, den 04.06.2012, 09:28 -0700 schrieb John MacFarlane:
> I would very much like to get a new version of pandoc in
> before the freeze.  The current version in debian has some
> serious bugs with citations in footnotes.
> The newest release of pandoc requires highlighting-kate >= 0.5.1.
> Could we get highlighting-kate 0.5.1 into debian?  Without this
> version, inline code doesn't format properly in LaTeX.

at this stage, such decisions should probably keep d-release in the
loop; CC’ing.

I’d say: Do not upload until we have migrated the current set of
packages to testing. Then, we can upgrade highlighting-kate and pandoc
and have a much smaller migration. If we upload these packages now (and
keep uploading new packages) we will just continue to delay the

Since the pandoc upload is announced now chances are high that we get a
freeze exception if we do not make it before the freeze (but that’s the
release team’s call).

While I’m at it, here is a short status update for the release team: The
haskell platform has released yesterday; the corresponding Debian
package was promptly uploaded. It has no changes over the last one, so
once everything else is in shape and aged, an age-days hint would be

Package rebuilds are happening, sparc is the bottle neck, but numbers
are constantly falling, 41 packages remaining according to

One RC bug turned up affecting haskell-cryptocipher and depending
packages on Big-Endian architectures.
It is forwarded upstream and has been debugged, but no proper fix exists
yet. I’m inclined to ask for removal of the outdated packages in
unstable so that the migration can happen and try to provide a fix after
the migration. If that is ok with you (the release team), I’d file the
bug against ftp.debian.org. Affected packages are
        haskell-cryptocipher, haskell-cprng-aes, haskell-tls,
        haskell-tls-extra, haskell-http-conduit (sid only),
        haskell-warp-tls (sid only), haskell-authenticate


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