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Re: Issue 85 in hledger: hledger-chart needs to be updated for chart-0.15

[This time to the right list, no wonder I get no reply]

Hi Clint,

Am Sonntag, den 22.04.2012, 21:24 +0000 schrieb hledger@googlecode.com:
> Comment #1 on issue 85 by simon@joyful.com: hledger-chart needs to be  
> updated for chart-0.15
> http://code.google.com/p/hledger/issues/detail?id=85
> Thanks. Actually, hledger-chart (and hledger-vty) is without a maintainer  
> since the hledger 0.17 release. I think hledger-chart specifically is not  
> really useful enough to spend effort packaging it. Can it be dropped from  
> Debian for the moment ? And perhaps I should upload a new hackage  
> description clarifying the status ?

do you agree with his suggestion to just remove -chart and -vty from


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