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Re: Feasibility of backports?

Joachim Breitner wrote:
> my thought is that if we do backports, then we should backport the
> complete set of haskell packages, including ghc, so the ghc6→ghc
> migration should not be a problem; we just do it in backports as well.
> So it is basically a problem of rebuilding everything, i.e. of
> manpower. 
> Maybe, first someone should script something to rebuild ghc_7-* and
> haskell-* on a Debian stable machine and provide an unofficial backport.
> If that works out well and user demand is present, then we can consider
> an official backport.

A backport would make my backport of git-annex easier to create, more
featureful (hs3 is not in stable), and more robust (monad-control is not
in stable).

see shy jo

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