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Re: haskell-src-exts: no prof package on armel mips mipsel?


Am Mittwoch, den 07.12.2011, 14:53 +0000 schrieb Iain Lane:
> Greetings,
> I noticed that haskell-src-exts doesn't build on these arches because it
> times out when building the profiling libraries. Could we just not build
> them on architectures that are too weak? Assuming the -dev package
> actually works it would unblock the rest of the stack.
>   https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=haskell-src-exts

we had this issue with other packages before and decided that is is
counter-productive to not allow profiling on weak architectures; after
all, they need the performance boost the most.

More pragmatically: If the profiling library cannot be built, it is
likely that the library will not be used (much) on these arches. So
until a user complaints, I’d not bother too much.

In this case, this does not block the stack from transitioning to
testing (if that is what you mean) because the package has not built


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