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Re: Anybody mind if update XMonad etc


Am Samstag, den 26.11.2011, 16:58 +1100 schrieb Erik de Castro Lopo:
> Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > Please go ahead if you want to see it in Debian quick; otherwise I’ll do
> > it either this evening or beginning of next week.
> Joachim,
> I've updated xmonad and xmonad-contrib in the darcs repo, but since I
> am only a DM, I still need someone to actually upload them.
> No rush, I'm already running the updated version locally :-). 

uploaded to experimental, I’ll put it in unstable after the next testing
migration bump or when someone accidentally uploads a package that
resets the testing migration counter anyways.

Only noticed now: Why did you not put yourself in Uploaders and added
the DM-Allowed header? Feel free to do so with every DHG package that
you touch.

Greetings and thanks,

Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
  nomeata@debian.org | ICQ# 74513189 | GPG-Keyid: 4743206C
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