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Re: Package abi hash and interface file versions

On 14/07/2011 09:28, Joachim Breitner wrote:

Am Mittwoch, den 13.07.2011, 14:09 +0200 schrieb Joachim Breitner:
Even if you do not plan to support modules across minor versions of ghc,
I’d like to get that into the hash. This would save us the trouble of
tracking which package was built with what version of ghc and the same
rebuild logic would apply that already handles the case of updated
package dependencies.

looking at the code, all that is needed would be to modify this file in
ghc/Main.hs, and add something like the marked line to it (untested, as
I do not have a partial build lying around, and my machine sometimes
doesn’t take the heat from building ghc without crashing :-( ):

abiHash :: [(String, Maybe Phase)] ->  Ghc ()
abiHash strs = do
   hsc_env<- getSession
   let dflags = hsc_dflags hsc_env

   liftIO $ do

   let find_it str = do
          let modname = mkModuleName str
          r<- findImportedModule hsc_env modname Nothing
          case r of
            Found _ m ->  return m
            _error    ->  ghcError $ CmdLineError $ showSDoc $
                           cannotFindInterface dflags modname r

   mods<- mapM find_it (map fst strs)

   let get_iface modl = loadUserInterface False (text "abiHash") modl
   ifaces<- initIfaceCheck hsc_env $ mapM get_iface mods

   bh<- openBinMem (3*1024) -- just less than a block
   put_ bh opt_HiVersion -- would adding this be sufficient
   mapM_ (put_ bh . mi_mod_hash) ifaces
   f<- fingerprintBinMem bh

   putStrLn (showSDoc (ppr f))

Haskell is currently broken in Debian on i386 and other arches and I’d
like to get this fix in quickly, but of course not without upstream

So that will only affect the hash on the package, not the ABI hashes on individual modules. Maybe that's ok, but I have to think it through.


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