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Re: ANNOUNCE: GHC 7.0.4 Release Candidate 1


Am Freitag, den 03.06.2011, 18:18 +0100 schrieb Ian Lynagh:
> We are pleased to announce the first release candidate for GHC 7.0.4:
>     http://www.haskell.org/ghc/dist/7.0.4-rc1/
> This includes the source tarball, installers for OS X and Windows, and
> bindists for amd64/Linux, i386/Linux, amd64/FreeBSD and i386/FreeBSD.
> Please test as much as possible; bugs are much cheaper if we find them
> before the release!

testers on Debian welcome. Should we put the rc1 into experimental, to
find possible problems on other arches before the final release?

I’d say we do not upload to unstable before we got 7.0.3 into testing.
This needs only the haskell-debian upload and then the 10 days of wait,
I think. Marco, you got the mail by David, agreeing to having your
version as the official one now? I think this means that you can upload
to hackage and then upload that to Debian.

For 7.0.4, we should fix the .haddock path to be ghc version
independent. And then we need full source uploads of all packages... or
we create some hack to find the .haddock files in the old path as well,
until the haddock interface changes. Any preferences?


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