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Re: How to contact OpenGL package maintainer (where is Sven?)


Am Mittwoch, den 06.04.2011, 14:32 -0700 schrieb Jason Dagit:
> I'm going to take over for now under the assumption that Sven is
> missing.
> == My plans for moving forward ==
>   * Assemble an opengl taskforce, a few people have already mentioned
> an interest in being on the team
>   * clean up the current cabal files (I already wrote patches for
> that)
>   * put the repos on github to make team collaboration easier
>   * add the RULES that Andy Gill suggested for realToFrac
>   * look at adding instances for MArray so that GLfloat et al can be
> stored in IOUArrays
>   * add support for opengl 4.x
>   * look at adding deprecation pragmas for deprecated opengl calls
>   * new hackage releases
>   * anything else that comes up

from the distributors site one comment: We have a rather large
per-package overhead. So 10 modules in one package is roughly 10% of the
work of 1 module in 10 packages. The new OpenGL packages have split out
lots of small packages (OpenGLRaw, StateVar, Tensor, ObjectName). Please
review this and see if you can somehow lessen the package number
inflation before your version enters the platform.


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