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Re: ghc only buildable on monteverdi

* Joachim Breitner (nomeata@debian.org) [110312 15:56]:
> Dear mipsel buildd admins,
> it seems that of the mipsel buildd machines, only monteverdi is strong
> enough (especially memory-wise) to build ghc, while rem and phrixos
> fail:
> https://buildd.debian.org/build.php?pkg=ghc&arch=mipsel
> Can you somehow arrange that only monteverdi picks up ghc? Or should I
> just keep giving back the package if it is tried on on a different host
> (but probably not, as it would block the weaker hosts for nothing)?

I disabled that on the other buildds.

What you should do however IMHO is to code an memory check at the
start of the building process, and abort if the available memory isn't

(Also, we should gain some process to centrally disable packages per
buildd - if someone feels inclined to define a good syntax for doing
so transparent, and with building classes of buildds like that I can
say "build this package only on buildds with at least ... memory"),
that would be appreciated.)


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