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Re: epoll fix uploaded and works

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 01:45:39PM +0530, Joachim Breitner wrote:

I uploaded a version of ghc that does not use epoll_create1. I chose not
to include a little tested runtime check and leave that to ghc upstream
developers for the next release.

The amd64 build that I uploaded successfully build the
haskell-transformers library.

Unfortunately, the buildds were unable to build ghc on i386, because the
previous ghc version did not have the fix. I think I’ll just do a binary
upload myself for this architecture.

ghc builds failed on sparc and the kfreebsd’s due to sem_* functions
missing (and it mentions sem_unlink, sem_open and sem_post. It seems
quite random which one is reported, so this seems to be unimportant). I
wonder why it works with amd64 now?

Great! Ian suggested on the other thread that the hack will be needed
to bootstrap a working GHC which can then be used without hacks
thereafter. amd64 probably works because your previous binary upload
wasn't misbuilt for whatever reason.

I'll try and get you a patch later. If you want to do it in the

 * Patch configure to pass -optl-pthread when building ghc-pwd
 * Add -optl-pthread to SRC_HC_OPTS in d/rules to explicitly link with
   pthread everywhere

Then when this is built and uploaded everywhere you can hopefully
revert the patch and upload what is essentially -3 again.


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