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Re: packaging ghc

Hi Philip.

Excerpts from Philip Weaver's message of Seg Jan 24 03:55:46 -0200 2011:
> I have been trying to find documentation for building ghc deb packages, but
> with no luck.  All I have to work with right now is the haskell-devscripts
> package, but I haven't yet been able to get a successful build.  It would be
> so helpful if anyone could provide a script that demonstrates how they
> perform their builds of ghc, or the configuration files for
> dpkg-buildpackage (the ones in the "debian" directory that gets created by
> dh_make), or point me to a webpage with any useful information.

Building GHC is no different than building any other Debian package.  Maybe you
should start your study with how to build Debian packages.  The most recent
version of the debian/ directory from the ghc package is in
http://darcs.debian.org/pkg-haskell/ghc .


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