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ghc-7 progress


in the darcs repository, we now have a packaging of ghc, including dummy
package to ease the transition from ghc6 to ghc. The package is not
really tested, but should build and run. I was about to upload it to
experimental, but the build, after taking long, failed at the very end
due to a syntax error in debian/control. The error is fixed, but I don’t
want to wait that long again.

If any other DD feels like burning some cycles, you are welcome to build
and upload _to experimental_. The earlier, the better, because we’d have
to wait until we have passed NEW before we can continue other work.

Marco started to work on adjusting haskell-devscripts to the new names
of the binaries.

Someone should go through the list of bugs against ghc6 and see if which
are still valid against ghc and add an appropriate note. Aaron, Rafael,
this is something where newcomers can show what they got :-)

Also, someone should check whether upgrading from ghc6 to ghc-7 leaves
any unwanted files lying around.

Good night,

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