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ghc history imported


I went ahead and imported the history of the debian/ directory of the
ghc6 package into the repository “ghc” in our alioth repository space.

For those who are curious, I did this by
 * downloading all source packages using debsnap
 * pasting all .dsc file names to the file dscs in chronological order
 * running "darcs init"
 * running the following one-liner
for dsc in $(cat dscs); do mkdir tmp ; cd tmp ; dpkg-source  -x ../$dsc;
cd */debian; ln -s ../../../_darcs ; (  LANG=C date -d
"$(dpkg-parsechangelog -lchangelog | grep-dctrl -n -s Date . )" '+%a %b
%d %X %Z %Y'; dpkg-parsechangelog -lchangelog|grep-dctrl -n -s
Maintainer .; echo Import of $dsc;  )| darcs record -l -a --pipe ;  (
LANG=C date -d "$(dpkg-parsechangelog -lchangelog | grep-dctrl -n -s
Date . )" '+%a %b %d %X %Z %Y'; dpkg-parsechangelog -lchangelog|
grep-dctrl -n -s Maintainer .; dpkg-parsechangelog -lchangelog |
grep-dctrl -n -s Version . ) | darcs tag --pipe ; cd ../../.. ; rm -rf
tmp; done


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