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Re: Continue DHG work?

Hi group.

Sorry for not replying to this message earlier.  I hope my reasons for not
replying become clear in this reply.

Excerpts from Joachim Breitner's message of Qui Nov 25 08:52:08 -0200 2010:
> with our packages in squeeze in seemingly good shape I’m wondering if
> its time to start working on something new again, e.g. upgrading
> libraries. The question is:
>  * Do it in experimental or in unstable?

I think experimental is a much better idea before the release.

>  * Wait for ghc 7 or work with ghc6-6.12.3 as it is in experimental?

I don't see much point in working with ghc6 if ghc 7 is coming.

> We need sourceful uploads of all libraries to change the package names
> to libghc-..., we need sourceful uploads to change the distribution to
> experimental and we need sourceful uploads to change it back to
> unstable, after the release of squeeze. I’d like to combine the first of
> these in one step, if possible.

Doing two sourceful uploads of the stack doesn't seem like a good option for
me.  On the other hand, uploading directly to unstable also doesn't sound

There's also the problem of the darcs repositories and PET, that would have to
be set up for experimental.  So I thought that maybe I would wait for the
release before starting to work on these packages.

But as I don't want to suggest anyone to don't do what they want, I refrained
myself from sending this e-mail.  Please feel free to go ahead, despite my
opinions on the subject.


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