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Re: Problems installing haskell-src-exts with cabal-install


Il 24/11/2010 14:26, Richard Zetterberg ha scritto:
> It started out with me wanting to install happstack (the web framework).
> Which told me I needed the haskell-src-exts package. I tried installing
> it with "cabal-install" and got a error within the package.

If you're writing here, I'm assuming you're using Debian. So why don't
you just use the packaged version? You can install it with apt-get or
your favorite package manager:

apt-get install haskell-happstack

This is a Debian mailing list: for information and issues about hackage
packages, maybe you can find more help on a hackage mailing list or
writing directly to src-exts author. :-)

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Pisa, Italy

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