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Re: HCAR entry for Debian

Yes, thanks, will be included.

Joachim Breitner schrieb:
Hi Janis,

IIRC, community-related entries are welcome as well, so if this one fits
in, I’d like to submit it:

\begin{hcarentry}{Debian Haskell Group}
\report{Joachim Breitner}

The Debian Haskell Group aims to provide an optimal Haskell experience
to users of the Debian GNU/Linux distributions and derived distributions
such as Ubuntu. We try to follow the Haskell Platform versions for the
core package and package a wide range of other useful libraries and
programs. In total, we maintain 202 source packages.

A system of virtual package names and dependencies, based on the ABI
hashes, guarantees that a system upgrade will leave all installed
libraries usable. Most libraries are also optionally available with the
profiling data and the documentation packages register with the
system-wide index.

Currently, we are in the process of releasing the next version of
Debian, squeeze, so the updating rate has slowed. Once this is done, we
will bring our versions up to date. This will also require some work to
rename the packages from libghc6- to libghc-, as the next version of GHC
has a new major version number.



Jun.-Prof. Dr. Janis Voigtländer

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