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Re: A basic question about packaging a cabalized program


Am Mittwoch, den 13.10.2010, 22:02 +0400 schrieb Dmitry V'yal:
> For several days I have been struggling with a seemingly easy problem. 
> I'm trying to build a deb package out of my cabalized haskell program.
> I found a cabal-debian program on hackage and generated a 'debian' 
> directory for my package. But when I run dpkg-buildpackage, I get an 
> empty deb as a result.

hmm, we need to look into that. But in any case cabal-debian is not

> I'm new to debian packaging so I can't diagnose, what's exactly going 
> wrong. But seems to me part of problem is in cabal not installing files 
> into DESTDIR.
> Can someone point me on some easy examples of sources of deb packages of 
> haskell software? Is where any actual tutorial on packaging haskell for 
> debian available online? I googled some, but they all seem to be 
> hopelessly outdated.

I recommend you to use
as a starting point and adjust the control, changelog and watch files.
The rules should work for most libraries.

Ah, but you are talking about a haskell program, right? In that case,
some manual action is required. See for example


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