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Re: HCAR entry for Debian

Joachim Breitner wrote:

> how about advertising a bit the Haskell support in Debian in the HCAR
> (see attached CFC).

Yep, good idea.

> A first suggestion for the text would be the
> following, please correct and extend:
> \begin{hcarentry}{Debian Haskell Group}
> \report{Joachim Breitner}
> \status{working}
> \makeheader
> The Debian Haskell Group brings the Haskell experience to the users of
> the Debian distribution and, deriving from the, the Ubuntu users.

How about:

   The Debian Haskell Group aims to provide an optimal Haskell experience
   to users of the Debian GNU/Linux distributions and derived distributions
   such as Ubuntu.

> We try
> to follow the the Haskell Platform versions for the core package and

Double 'the'.

> package a wide range of other useful libraries and programs. In total,
> we maintain 202 source packages.
> A system of virtual package names and dependencies, based on the ABI
> hashes, guarantees that a system upgrade will leave all installed
> libraries usable. Most libraries are also optionally available with the
> profiling data and the documentation packages register with the
> system-wide index.
> Currently, we are in the process of releasing the next version of
> Debian, squeeze, so the updating rate has slowed. Once this is done, we
> will bring our versions up to date. This will also require some work to
> rename the packages from libghc6- to libghc-, as the next version of GHC
> has a new major version number.

All good.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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