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Re: libghc6-gtk-dev for lucid and maverick

Hi everyone,

I just had a look at the issue, backported the changes from 0.11.2 to
0.11.0 (we really don’t want to update more than necessary at this stage
of the freeze) but did not upload yet. The patch also changes the ABI,
so we’d need to rebuild all reverse dependencies (glade-0.11.0,
gtksourceview2-0.11.0, gtkglext-0.11.0, ltk- on my machine) via

Am Donnerstag, den 23.09.2010, 16:49 +0200 schrieb Axel Simon:
> >> If that is the case (you can ask d-release, of couse), we’d need to
> >> isolate the change to gtk (or is it maybe glib?) that fixed the  
> >> problem
> >> and backport it to gtk-0.11.0, upload that to unstable and ask for a
> >> release exception. The changes to
> >> gtk-0.11.2//Graphics/UI/Gtk/General/hsgthread.c and to initGUI  
> >> could be releated to threading issues.
> >
> > I would not try to patch gtk in isolation. What is the opinion of  
> > gtk2hs developers?
> There are few new features in 0.11.2. They are mostly bug fixes,  
> including patches to the notorious hsgthread.c file which fixes the  
> bug you are seeing (partly, at least). The main reason to push out  
> 0.11.2 was this bug fix. You could try to incorporate the changes to  
> hsgthread.c and Graphics/UI/Gtk/General/General.chs into 0.11.0 but  
> that's not saving much.

What do you mean by „partly“? The fix helps in Christian’s testcase, but
is it just a workaround or are the remaining problem relatively small?

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