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Upcoming GHC 7 release and package names with ghc6 in them


As you may be aware, the upcoming major GHC release will have a 7.0.x
version number, not 6.14.x as previously planned.  Most of Debian's
Haskell packages have "ghc6" included in their names.  Looks like it's
time to either change that number to a seven or just drop it.

Either option would require sourceful uploads of all the Haskell
packages.  Not necessarily right away, since we could get away with
having packages use "ghc" names while providing the package name with
"ghc6" in it and have the transition proceed in a piecemeal fashion.

I think that renaming everything to use plain "ghc" is the right thing
to do.  I don't see much need for maintaining both 6.12.x and 7.x
branches.  We still need to build everything between every minor
release so dragging that major version number in package names doesn't
help any, as it is.

A 8.0 branch, whenever that may happen, is likely to be a few Debian
release cycles away and we don't need to concern ourselves with that

I'm guessing that 7.0.1 will be the next GHC version packaged for

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