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Re: Please add freeze exception for darcs-monitor

Hi Joachim.

Excerpts from Joachim Breitner's message of Qui Set 09 10:58:52 -0300 2010:
> Am Donnerstag, den 09.09.2010, 10:45 -0300 schrieb Marco Túlio Gontijo e
> Silva:
> > Excerpts from Joachim Breitner's message of Qui Set 09 10:30:32 -0300 2010:
> > (...)
> > > Implement such changes in experimental, or wait for after the release (or at
> > > least until it is unlikely that we are changing squeeze through unstable) and
> > > then do the stuff in unstable?
> > 
> > Well, sounds like the same to me from the release perspective.  Am I missing
> > something?
> It the question: Bother with experimental (and thus two versions to care
> about, wondering how we best handle that with the darcs repos)? Or wait
> (and fix RC bugs in the meanwhile :-)).
> I’m not too fond of using experimental and would not mind waiting, but I
> don’t want to hold anyone back.

My only problem in waiting is forgetting about it latter, so a ToDo list would
be useful enough, and we wouldn't have the trouble of setting up a new PET.  As
we already have a ToDo list[0], there's no problem at all.  We should wait for

0: http://wiki.debian.org/Haskell


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