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Re: haskell-devscripts bug: failures when the same package is installed multiple times

Hi Jeremy.

Excerpts from Jeremy Shaw's message of Seg Mai 17 19:14:59 -0300 2010:
> I have HSP 0.5.2 installed in my global package index, and in my local  
> ~/.cabal. This causes dh_haskell_depends to generate a .substvars file  
> with a dependency that lacks a name, but has a version number that is  
> 1.5MB long :p
> I believe the problem is this line:
> $ ghc-pkg6 field hsp-0.5.2 hs-libraries
> hs-libraries: HShsp-0.5.2
> hs-libraries: HShsp-0.5.2

Is using ghc-pkg always with --global a good enough fix?

E.g.: ghc-pkg6 --global field hsp-0.5.2 hs-libraries


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