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Steps missing to the -doc package name transition


This is what should be done to finish the -doc package transition:

1. Use versioned Replaces: and Conflicts: in the packages [0], following the
   model in [1], where the version is the first version of the package with the
   new -doc package name.  This can be achieved by checking for a line like
   this in changelog:
       * debian/control: Rename -doc package.
2. Rename the -doc packages listed in [0], already using versioned Replaces:
   and Conflicts:
3. After 1 and 2 are ready, we need to create dummy packages to provide upgrade

The work on 1 is very simple, in 2 is also simple, but it requires a little
bit more of work.  If anyone (DD or not) want to help, it's very welcome.


0: http://wiki.debian.org/Haskell/CollabMaint/UploadCoordination
1: http://wiki.debian.org/Renaming_a_Package

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