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Re: Bug#559978: pandoc FTBFS

+++ Joachim Breitner [Feb 22 10 21:21 ]:
> Hi,
> > Template Haskell is a standard language feature. My worry, though,
> > was that if we did not support all architectures on which pandoc
> > 0.46 built, pandoc would never migrate from unstable to testing.
> > Am I wrong about this?
> If pandoc can not be built on some arches, then the release team will
> probably ok the removal of the pandoc package on the broken arches,
> allowing the transition. But you could retry building pandoc with the
> new ghc6 compiler, maybe it works now.

Note: the next release of pandoc (1.5) will not depend on Template
Haskell. I plan to release this in the next month or two.


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