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My patches to ghc6-6.12.1-9

I used the 6.12.1-9 packaging to build 6.13-20091231, so I thought I
should post the changes I made to do it.  Some of these are fixes
which I think should go into the 6.12 packaging, in particular
removing the hardcoded version number from ghc6.triggers and restoring
the quilt patching code.  Also worth noting is that although haddock
is built into the ghc6 package, many of the haskell source package
specify a minimum version for haddock.  For this reason, I created a
dummy haddock package with version number 2.5.0 which just pulls in
ghc6.  I also had to remove haddock from the Conflicts and Replaces

Finally, I found that leaving 6.13.20091231 in the VERSION file led to
a non-functioning system, I had to shorten it to just 6.13.  I don't
know whether leaving 6.12.1 there leads to problems, but I suspect it

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