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Drop Hugs library support?

[CC’ing some seemingly hugs-related or -interested people]


since a while now, it is known that the current Cabal version fails to
build Hugs packages[0]. Nobody tried to fix it (or at least nobody
promised to do so). This is holding up the whole transition, as packages
high in the dependency tree like utf8-string and binary can not be
build. Also, upstream was quiet about this and obviously don’t test
Cabal with hugs themselves. This is not a viable situation.

This is a last call for Hugs-caring people who are willing to maintain
the hugs package support in haskell-devscripts (including Cabal etc.) If
no one is interested in doing that, I think we will have to stop
building Hugs packages from non-bundled libraries.

Note that Hugs is still useful as it bundles a lot of libraries. And
given that Hugs is mostly used in educational settings, this should be


[0] http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/hackage/ticket/633

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