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Re: RFP: haskell-fuse -- Haskell bindings for FUSE: Filesystem in USErspace

Hi Jon,

Am Freitag, den 22.01.2010, 14:33 +0000 schrieb Jon Dowland:
> I want to write a FUSE filesystem in Haskell and hfuse seems
> to be the library to use. Having said that, there seems to
> be some confusion over what version is the most recent and
> where it lives.
> I've yet to actually get hfuse working but assuming I do,
> and assuming that it works well enough, I would want to look
> at packaging it. I will therefore look into joining the
> debian-haskell packaging effort when I do.

thanks for your interest in helping the Debian/Haskell effort.

Note that before packaging a new library from Hackage for Debian, please
consider first if it’s suitable. Debian should not and will never try to
cover all of hackage. Libraries that go into Debian are usually a
dependency of a program or that we want to have packaged (a lot of new
packages come in as dependencies of gitit at the moment). If that is not
the case, then it should really be a library that a lot of developers
are likely use. For all the other cases, "caball install" is still a
very convenient way to get the library.

Do you think that hfuse is relevent enough to enter Debian?


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