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BinNMUs to stable after ghc6 update


ghc6 is in lenny-proposed-updates and these packages need to be rebuilt
against it.  Notice that they only need to be rebuild in 64 bits
architectures.  I hope I got them right.

nmu alex_2.2-0.1 arch2darcs_1.0.13 bnfc_2.2-3.1 c2hs_0.15.1-4
cpphs_0.7-4 darcs_2.0.2-3 darcs-buildpackage_0.5.12
darcs-monitor_0.3.4-2 datapacker_1.0.0 dfsbuild_1.0.2.0 drift_2.2.3-2
frown_0.6.1-9 geordi_0:20080725T0146-1+lenny1 haddock_0.8-2.1
happy_1.17-0.1 haskell-utils_1.11 hat_2.05+rerolled-7 haxml_1.13.3-2
helium_1.6-4 hmake_3.13-0.1 hpodder_1.1.5.0 hscolour_1.8-1 kaya_0.4.2-4
lhs2tex_1.13-3 pxsl-tools_1.0-4 srcinst_0.8.10 uuagc_0.9.6-1
whitespace_0.3-2 xmonad_0.7-2 . alpha amd64 hppa ia64 . -m 'Build
against new version of ghc6: 6.8.2dfsg1-1.1.'


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