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ghc6-6.12.1 is out


as can be seen on http://haskell.org/ghc/index.html, ghc6-6.12 is out,
so we should think about how we want to tackle that upgrade. Some open
questions are:

 * Upload ghc6 to experimental first and test a few things, or get it
going in unstable directly?
 * What general changes do we want to implement now that everything gets
recompiled anyways. Some ideas:
 a) Hash-based-dependencies (or, in ghc-speech, 
    package-id-based-dependencies). See
    for more information.
 b) Get rid of -prof packages and merge them into the -dev package.
    (Idea by kaol, came up in the thread “GHC 6.12 and shared
    libraries”, no conclusion, but I’m supportive of it.)
 c) -doc package dependencies. Predominant opinion was to have them as 
    hard dependencies, I think, but this needs to be implemented in 
 d) -dev-packages without maintainer scripts. If packages get
    registered via a trigger in the ghc6 package, or if they drop their 
    package information in a directory where ghc-pkg automatically
    merges them from (Kaol discovered code about that once), life would
    be a lot simpler, I’d say.

So, what do you think should go in, what can wait, and what am I
missing? This question goes especially to kaol, who probably already has
plans of his own :-)


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