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Re: How do people manage cabal vs deb packages?

Ketil Malde wrote:

> I've generally tried to use debian packages (which install in /usr), and
> supplemented with cabal packages (in /usr/local),

How do I get cabal-install to put them in /usr/local?

> Could you be more specific about the problems you encounter?

It was close to a year ago that I last tried the mix and match approach
and I don't remember the details. I do remember swearing off installing
anything without a debian package :-).

> ¹ Previously, the amount of useful packages in Debian (and Ubuntu, which
> I use) was quite limited, of course.  Perhaps I haven't yet used debs
> extensively enough to run into trouble?

The troubles I ran into were a result of cabal-installed packages, not

Erik de Castro Lopo

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