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Priority of our packages


most of our packages have priority optional. Here is what the policy
says about priorities:

        (In a sense everything that isn't required is optional, but
        that's not what is meant here.) This is all the software that
        you might reasonably want to install if you didn't know what it
        was and don't have specialized requirements. This is a much
        larger system and includes the X Window System, a full TeX
        distribution, and many applications. Note that optional packages
        should not conflict with each other.
        This contains all packages that conflict with others with
        required, important, standard or optional priorities, or are
        only likely to be useful if you already know what they are or
        have specialized requirements (such as packages containing only
        detached debugging symbols).
Judging from this, we should rather have extra. Nobody wants to install
Haskell library if he does not know what they are...

I suggest we change the sections of our packages whenever we do a
sourceful upload. Any objections?

This will also avoid debcheck warnings about optional packages depending
on the extra libffi.


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