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haskelldb and Debian

Hi Haskell-DB-interested people,

we are still on our way to get the Haskell coverage on Debian back in a
good shape. One of the open issues is haskelldb, haskelldb-dynamic and
haskelldb-hsql-*. All of these are on 0.10 [1] and do not build with
ghc-6.10. It seems that at least haskelldb itself has a 0.12 which does
build, but the others do not. Thus, some questions:

 * Are the haskelldb-hsql-* and haskelldb-dynamic packages still
maintained? If so, is there a release expected soon? If not, we will
have to remove these from Debian.
 * Without the hsql-* packages, the haskelldb package itself is useless,
correct? So we need to package the hdbc series. Are these maintained
 * Anything else to consider?


[1] http://packages.debian.org/search?suite=sid&arch=any&searchon=sourcenames&keywords=haskelldb

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