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Re: RFA: haskell-*

Kari Pahula wrote:

> I'd appreciate if someone would take these from me.  I'm not currently
> interested in getting involved in team maintanership, so don't put me
> in Uploaders.  There's a new version of GLUT library in Hackage but I
> didn't package it yet since I'm not sure about its examples' copyright
> status.


I'm willing to take on any part of this subset:

> haskell-cgi
> haskell-html
> haskell-hunit
> haskell-mtl
> haskell-network
> haskell-parallel
> haskell-parsec
> haskell-parsec2
> haskell-quickcheck
> haskell-quickcheck1
> haskell-tagsoup
> haskell-time
> haskell-xhtml

I'd be making them  group maintained with myself as uploader.

I can work on them over the weekend.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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