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Packages with Build-Depends/Build-Depends-Indep split


you probably have noticed that a new ghc6 version is uploaded. One of
the changes is to move .haddock (due to it’s interface changing
regularly with the ghc6 releases) to the -dev package, where it can be
re-build by a binNMU. This of course requires haddock to be available at
install time.

Kaol’s packages have haddok in the Build-Depends:, so they are fine. But
some of the packages by the Debian Haskell Group have put haddock,
ghc6-doc and hscolour in to Build-Depends-Indep. I expected these to
just FTBFS and be fixable by a new sourceful upload, but it turned out
that haskell-devscripts will just not build haddock indexes when haddock
is not installed, but not fail. This means that these packages now ship
no haddock index file.

It is not critical (they will just not appear in the system-wide index,
and possible depending packages will not have links in the docs), but
should be fixed along the way. I just did it for haskell-zlib, which I
upgraded to the new version required for darcs.


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