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Re: Patch for haskell-devscripts to install executables into the corresponding debian package


Am Donnerstag, den 23.07.2009, 08:56 -0700 schrieb David Fox:
> Packages like happy and hsx have an Executable: section in their cabal
> file which specifies the name of a binary file generated by the
> package.  The attached patch to the hlibrary.mk file in
> haskell-devscripts causes it to move the executable file into the
> debian package with the same name.

Thanks for pushing this, it might be useful. What package do you plan
this for?

There are already a few packages that do this in debian/rules directly
(xmonad, cpphs, hscolour, maybe others), can you test if your
haskell-devscripts breaks them? Then we would have to coordinate an

Also, I have trouble understanding some parts of the patch:

Where is the common-binary-fixup-arch target called? Or is it a cdbs

What is the difference between
+             cp -ax dist-ghc6/build/$${EXEC}/$${EXEC} debian/$${DEBNAME}/usr/bin/$${EXEC}; \
+             install -m 755 dist-ghc6/build/$${EXEC}/$${EXEC} debian/$${DEBNAME}/usr/bin/$${EXEC}; \

I also do not understand your comment to that target. Could you explain
it a bit more?

Note that there might be packages that install more than one executable,
but that should all go in one package, or some binaries should go to the
-dev package. Then the name based automatism does not work. Maybe it’d
be more useful to have the maintainer, in debian/rules specify a

CABAL_EXECUTABLES_FOR_packagename = exectuable1 executable2

and you rely on that in hlibrary.mk?


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