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hslogger depwaits


the depwaits for hslogger were incomplete and missing the network
dependency (maybe a bug in nmutool, kaol, can you look at it?).

Also, sparcs built it already with the wrong ghc6, I guess the nmus
yesterday were did not all apply properly, or this is a case of a race

Please apply:

nmu hslogger . sparc . -m "Rebuild against ghc6-6.10.4 properly"
dw hslogger . alpha amd64 armel hppa i386 mipsel powerpc s390 . -m "libghc6-network-dev (>="
dw hslogger . ia64 mips . -m "libghc6-network-dev (>="
dw hslogger . sparc . -m "libghc6-time-dev (>>, libghc6-mtl-dev (>>, libghc6-network-dev (>="


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